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Meal Plans are your key to all-access dining on campus - with more bang for your buck. Dining on campus gives you the convenience of eating what and when you want, without having to leave campus and losing that parking spot, shopping, or doing dishes.

All undergraduate students who live in the residence halls must participate in one of our two meal plans. We understand that students need flexible meal plans to accommodate their busy schedules, so we offer two options.
Buy Unlimited

Unlimited Meal Plan

With this plan you will never be hungry. Enjoy 7 days of unlimited meals and $300 in bobcat bucks for all your dining wants and needs!

Price: $2,660.00

Buy 14 Plan

14 Plan

Are you a breakfast skipper? 14 meals each week may be your perfect fit. You also get $600 to spend in other campus dining locations.

Price: $2,555.00

It's easy to eat on campus with a meal plan. Commuters can select from the below plans. Choose your plan and add it to your account in Bobcat Café.
Buy 10 Block

10 Block

Not on campus much? Commuters can select this plan which offers 10 meals for the semester and $100 to spend at other dining locations.

Price: $180.00

Buy 25 Block

25 Block

Available to commuters, this plan offers 25 meals for Bobcat Cafe and $100 Bobcat to spend at other campus restaurants.

Price: $299.00

Looking for Bobcat Bucks? Below are plans you can choose from to purchase Bobcat Bucks by itself or add it to any meal plan.
Buy Bobcat $250

Bobcat 250

Buy $250 in Bobcat Bucks and receive an addition $30 Bobcat Bucs on us for free!!!!

Price: $250.00

Buy Bobcate $150

Bobcat $150

Buy $150 in Bobcat Bucks and receive $15 an additional Bobcat Bucks for free.

Price: $150.00

Faculty/Staff Block 50

25 block

Our exclusive plan provides you with 25 meals at Bobcat Café, ensuring substantial savings for you. With an average cost of just $7.95 per meal, this plan is both economical and convenient.

Price: $198.75

Faculty/Staff Block 50

50 block

Experience our exclusive dining plan that offers you 50 meals at Bobcat Café. At an affordable average cost of merely $7.50 per meal, this plan brings together the best of both worlds: cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Price: $375

To buy a meal plan please go to In case you have any inquiries, please visit the Meal Plan Office or email: